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Laryngitis is the medical condition where there is swelling and inflammation of the voice box. This condition may lead to hoarseness or even loss of voice. There are two types of laryngitis, Croup and Epiglottitis. Both the Croup and Epiglottitis are found in children. Laryngitis may be fatal at times due to respiratory blockage.

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The larynx contains the vocal cords and is located at the top of the airways to the lungs. Any kinds of infection of the vocal cords may lead them to get swelled up and result in voice hoarseness. The swelling may even block the airway. The infection may also be caused due to virus, allergies, bacterial infection, bronchitis, common cold, etc. the infection may also occur due to flu, injury, irritants and chemicals, pneumonia.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patients with laryngitis may have the following symptoms:-

  • The patient may suffer from fever.
  • He/she may suffer from hoarseness of the voice.
  • There may be swollen lymph nodes, glands in the neck.

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Try to avoid infection of the larynx to avoid laryngitis.

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Conservative treatment Modern Medicine

Most of the time the laryngitis is caused by virus, hence can’t be treated by antibiotics. Less talking helps in the reduction of vocal cords and a humidifier may be administered to sooth the ill feeling associated with laryngitis. Doctors may recommend decongestants and painkillers to relieve the symptoms of this disease.

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