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Impacted Tooth


Impacted tooth is a condition in which tooth are prevented from reaching to its normal position in mouth. In other words, it can be said that impacted tooth are partially erupted or unerupted tooth that do not erupt completely in the mouth. Generally, the wisdom teeth or third molars are considered as common impacted teeth because after the eruption of first and second molars, hardly any space left for wisdom teeth to fit. Hence, third molars become impacted. It is a quite common condition. The condition demands immediate treatment as if left untreated cause severe dental problems.

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The condition can be caused by:

  • Lack of space i.e. crowding
  • Misalignment (rotation of teeth due to position)
  • Conflicting position
  • Ankylosis

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Signs & Symptoms

Spacing in between the teeth, pain, etc are few symptoms of the condition.

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There is no prevention of the condition.

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Extraction Modern Medicine

Impacted tooth are treated with extraction. The extraction aids in alleviating the symptoms. The procedure is performed by experts and has few complications. The health experts will decide that whether extraction of one or more teeth is required. One can expected little bit pain and swelling after extraction. In order to provide relief from the same, medications are given by experts. Along with this, antibiotics are also given for preventing any sort of infections

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