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Gingivostomatitis is the medical name representing the bacterial or viral infection of the gums and mouth. Under this disease, there may be swelling and production of sore in the mouth. This disease is often found in children in the age group of 2-3 years.

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The gingivostomatitis is mainly caused due to two types of viral infections, herpes simplex virus and coxsackie virus. This disease is mostly caused in patients with poor oral hygiene. This disease is mainly a combination of the stomatitis and gingivitis. The oral mucosa and gingival may get inflamed. This disease resembles the cold sore.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from gingivostomatitis has the following symptoms:-

  • The patient may develop bad odor in the mouth.
  • There may be mild to severe fever.
  • The patient may also complain of generalized malaise.
  • The sores may develop inside the gums and cheeks.
  • The mouth may become too sore and the patient may be reluctant to eat anything.
  • There may be pain in the gums and they may bleed easily.
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The patient may try to keep good oral hygiene to avoid the formation of this disease.

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Debridement Modern Medicine

The treatment can be done by maintaining good oral health. The patient should brush regularly despite the pain and bleeding. The brushing reduces the chance of further infection through the normal bacteria present in the mouth. The infected tissue may need to be cleaned through a process called debridement. Mouth washing should be done to avoid spread of infection.

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