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Dental Caries


Dental caries are commonly found tooth infections. These are cavities of the tooth and lead to holes and other structural damage of the infected tooth. This disease is commonly found across the world and is mostly known to infect children and young adults, though it can cause disease in all age group people.

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Dental caries are caused by bacteria present in the mouth. These bacteria actively break down the food such as sugar and starch to acids. A sticky substance called plaque is formed by the bacteria, saliva, food debris and acid of mouth together and this plaque adheres to the surface of the teeth. The plaque if not removed properly ends into tartar and it irritates the gums, and ends up into gingivitis and periodontitis. Patients who take more of chocolates and other sweet products often are more prone to this disease. Patients who have bad molar hygiene are also prone to this disease.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from dental caries has the following symptoms:-

  • The black coloured tartar can be seen sticking near the lower end of the infected teeth.
  • The cavities are also clearly seen in the teeth of the patients.
  • The teeth enamels begin to dissolve and create holes on the surface of the teeth.
  • These cavities are painless initially and may later become extremely painful when they enter deeper inside the teeth.
  • The pain of the teeth may begin after consuming cold or hot drinks or food.
  • Tooth fracture or affected nerves can be seen frequently.
  • The internal structures of the teeth pulp get destroyed initially and lead to loss of the teeth at the final stage.
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Try to avoid eating sweets and chocolates in large amount. Wash your mouth with mouth wash and brush twice daily to keep away the formation of plaques. Try to remove the stuck food particles from the middle of the gaping of the teeth with a tooth pick.

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 The filling of the cavities are done to prevent the food from entering the holes of the infected teeth. The decayed materials are generally removed from the teeth prior to filling of the cavities. Filling is often done with composite resins, porcelain and even expensive metals such as gold and silver alloy. Caps or crowns are also used if the decay is extensive in nature. Crowns are used in teeth where maximum of the structures of the teeth are lost. The crowns are made up of gold or porcelain with attached metals.

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