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Bruxism is a medical condition that where the patient grinds or clenches the teeth. This medical condition can occur to any person irrespective of age and sex. Though, each person may clench their teeth when they are angry or anxious. This condition doesn’t come under Bruxism. The Bruxism can occur while you sleep (especially in kids) and daylight as in adults. This occurs subconsciously and most of the time the patient is unaware of the medical condition. This medical condition may need to be treated quickly as later on this leads to jaw discords, heavy headaches and severe damage to teeth.

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The Bruxism is caused due to stress or merely due to habit. The body may automatically react to Bruxism while trying to line up the teeth. Rarely may it be due to facial nerve defects. It may also be due to side effects of certain medicines that treat depression such as Zoloft (sertraline), Prozac (fluoxentine) and Paxil (paroxetine).

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient with Bruxism suffers from the following symptoms namely:-

  • The patient may suffer from chipped teeth and worn tooth enamel.
  • There may be highly sensitive teeth and pain in jaw.
  • There may be earache and facial pain.
  • There may also be cheek pain in most of cases of Bruxism.
  • Sore jaws and constant headache are two of the important symptoms of this disease.
  • Chronic cases of this disease may lead to loosen of the teeth as well as teeth fracture at some cases.
  • The severe cases of this disease may lead to hearing loss and even make the face look disproportionate.
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As it is mostly related to stress hence the best part of it all is to cut down the level of stress from your mind. Other than that you should avoid chocolates, caffeine drinks such as colas and coffee. Alcohol should be avoided at all cost as this exaggerates the disease. Kids should avoid chewing pens or pencils. During the day time you can avoid the urge to clench your teeth by rolling your tongue in between the teeth. You can hold a warm cloth between cheeks and ears to relax your jaw.

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Mouth gaurd Modern Medicine

As Bruxism mostly occurs at night, so most difficult part of this disease is to realize and recognize this disease. The dentist may fit a mouth guard in the mouth of the patient. 

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